Get Started

The Doers Gathering disrupts typical models for civic engagement by creating a forum that facilitates a shared understanding of facts, elevates the voices of people most impacted, and connects participants to changemakers in the community.

Think of it as a Shark Tank-style event with a room full of community leaders and contributors who’ve come together to offer their time, resources, networks, and new ideas. So, where to start? At the heart of every Doers Gathering is the people.


Doers are actively working on grassroots, people-centered solutions to challenging issues. Often, doers are also directly impacted by the issues they seek to address.


Contributors are members of the community who not only have the interest, passion, and expertise but also the time, networks, and resources to contribute to these doer-led efforts.

Here’s what a Doers Gathering looks like:

3o min

A short presentation or film on the current issue by subject-matter experts, especially those with lived experience, to set the foundation and tone for the event’s engagement.

3o min

Pitch sessions with each of the event’s featured doers. Pitches should be 3-5
minutes and include (1) their why, (2) a brief description of their project, and (3) a clear ask explaining what kind of support their organization needs to accelerate, amplify, or take their project to the next level.

o1 hour

Small group discussions led by the featured doers. Contributors and event attendees are encouraged to ask questions and consider the specific contributions they can make toward the initiatives.

3o min

Event attendee voting to determine which projects will receive a cash prize, if available.