A Toolkit to amplify community-driven solutions addressing pressing local issues.

A Doers Gathering is a half-day event that showcases local doer-led projects, identifies opportunities for support and collaboration, and creates a network of doers in the community. We’ve put together this resource to help you get started.

How does a Doers Gathering work?


Getting Started

Learn what a Doers Gathering is, why they are effective and how to plan and host your own.


Who You’ll Need

The people you invite are the heart of any Doers Gathering. Discover who you need to plan and attend your Doer Gathering.


Planning the Event

There are a lot of moving parts in every event. Get everything you need to plan an efficient Doer Gathering and ensure it runs smoothly.


Spreading the Word

Getting the message out to the right folks is critical. Explore different ways of letting the right people know about your event.


The Day of the Event

It all comes down to this. Get your run-of-show schedule here and learn what common pitfalls to avoid on the big day.


Following Up

Keep the conversation going. Learn what steps to take now that the event is over and how to get the most out of your new network of doers.