Organizing your Team

There are several layers of people to bring together. We’ve categorized them below based on the sequence you’ll need to get organized. The most critical aspect for each group is ensuring a diversity of perspectives are present throughout the process.

Organizing Team

We recommend a team of about 3-5 people from various organizations to do detailed planning, outreach, and execution. This group made up of a design lead, a content lead, a project manager, and a logistics coordinator should meet twice monthly and eventually weekly as the date of the gathering nears. We outline the ideal timeline needed to plan a Doers Gathering in the next section, ‘Planning an Event.’

Advisory Team

You’ll need a larger group that the organizing team can involve when the following needs arise: 1) providing diverse perspectives and expertise on an issue, 2) reaching out to their networks to build excitement and commitments, 3) providing specific skills to produce a deliverable (visual design, video storytelling, etc.).

Potential Doers

Doers are actively working on grassroots, people-centered, solutions to difficult issues. Often, doers are also most impacted by the issues they seek to address. Whittling down to 6-10 doers presenting at the event is ideal.


Contributors are members of the community who not only the interest, passion, and expertise but also the time, networks, and resources to contribute to these doer-led efforts.

A special note on diversity: We can’t overstate enough the importance of inclusion — not only through a lens of racial and ethnic diversity but also a variety of perspectives and relative status/power. Expand your budget to consider inclusionary costs such as language translation, child-care, and transportation support.